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I am a Certified TensorFlow Developer,I am a data enthusiast,I am a Python programmer,I do artificial intelligence


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Tech Stack

Classified as Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Licensed based on my experience and confidence level.

Deep Learning using TensorFlow Licensed Python Programming Licensed MATLAB Programming Intermediate C/C++ Programming for AI Novice Deep Learning deployment Expert AI and Machine Learning Theory Intermediate Mathematics for Machine Learning Licensed Artificial Intelligence Education Expert Data Analysis and Preprocessing Intermediate R Programming Novice

"Set the data, set the main goal, evaluate, deploy"

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My Romantic Story with AI

My journey with machine learning stared when I was preparing for Japan Design Invention Expo. I was making an embedded system for photographer to store their photos. The device is already staged to version 2 and I ran out of idea about how can I improve the device beside the transfer speed and network capability? The answer is, intelligence. I implemented TensorFlow from some code in Github so my device able to recognise and categorise photos, then put them into separate folder according to what it sees inside the photo. I fell in love with machine learning after that. I start to dig down into data mining, strengthen my Python programming skill, keening my statistics skill and taking machine learning courses.

What I did for Japan motivate me a lot to dive deeper in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. I want to relive my imagination into acceptable science or even turn them into reality. I also have a high motivation to study, adapt, and accept a challenge as a quiz that rewarding in the end. I believe and commit my love in the first sight into machine learning will last. It would be great if I contribute for this field in passion.

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Fun things that I've done or I currently do

  • Violence Audio Detection using Convolutional Neural Network
    Bangkit Academy Capstone Project (2021)

    I am part of a six person team developing what we call as ’Zupa App’. We brings public safety especially women and children safety into an application, as a companion app that can deliver safety tips, SOS button, and make enforcer’s task easier. As Machine Learning head developer, we made in app CNN model that could detect four types of violence using audio input activated with SOS button with 80% + accuracy.

    Github repository for neural network model
    Github repository to dataset

  • Photos Classification in BANANY, Backup Anywhere Anytime
    Japan Design Invention Expo (2018)

    Banany is a portable, machine learning powered backup device for photographer, also powered with wireless network, access point, and NAS capability. Banany uses pretrained model - weighted using MSCOCO - to classify most dominant object in backup photos. This project awarded with gold medal plus special award in Internet of Things from Japan Design Invention Expo 2019, and bronze medal plus special award from Malaysia Technology Expo 2018.

    BANANY Github repository

  • Automatic Billing for ’Warteg’ dish Using Mask-RCNN
    Object Oriented Programming Final Project (2019)

    Using Java and Python, me and my 2 colleagues created a system for Indonesian dine-in home dish restaurant (’Warteg’) so consumer have more information in lacking of transparency by the cashier. It took an image of our plate containing rice and condiments, then using mask RCNN to identify condiments and sum up the price taken from database.

  • Deep Learning Deployment Material Provider
    Digital Talent Scholarship (Indonesia) (2021)

    Provide and review basic mathematics, machine learning, deep learning, and AI deployment materials for Digital Talent Scholarship. Thankfully with my deeplearning.ai specialisation I am able to design ideal materials for AI starters but with industrial needs.

  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Review
    Sirkadian Corporation (Indonesia) (2021)

    Sirkadian is a startup I co-founded with medical students of Udayana University with goal to deliver healthy lifestyle as a trend with four core, mental, physical, diet, and healthy sleep. In this role I am able to process food and ingredients database, also verify the authenticity and validity of AI algorithms used in food necessity and food recommendations system.

  • Electrical Bill Prediction using Time Series
    Laboratory Research (Ongoing 2020-2021)

    In Intelligent System and Machine Learning Laboratory, We create electrical bill prediction system, my role is to deploy the machine learning model as a website and clean the initial data. We also have a plan to publish this as an academic paper.

  • Indonesian Retail Product Intraclass Classification using EfficientDet
    Undergraduate Thesis (Ongoing 2021)

    EfficientDet is a relatively new object detection network, hence all of its poteniality has not been explored. EfficientDet as an object detection network works well, but what if the network faced with items that similar in shape yet different class? Like a box of stawberry milk and a box of chocolate milk? This challenges smart-retail implementation in daily life. Me and my colleagues tested popular object detection models in several Indonesian products available in store.

  • Online Class Attendance Automation using RCNN
    Undergraduate Thesis Help (2020)

    In this project I helped my senior's thesis to detect faces and automate online class attendance. Face detection model was using RCNN with two classes (attend and absent), and attendance automated using Python scripts. This thesis graded A (excellent) after defence.

  • Porn(1) and Customer Feedback(2) Sentiment Analysis using Bidirectional LSTM
    Undergraduate Thesis Help (2020-2021)

    I helped my senior's thesis to detect non-porn and porn content in twitter's tweets(1). I helped to fine-tune, and analyze the traning result. I also helped my other senior to prepare the data, create, and evaluate Bidirectional LSTM model to detect IndiHome (Indonesian ISP) customer feedback's sentiment collected in form of twitter's tweets(2). As a result, both of the thesis got excellent result during thesis defence.

  • Public MATLAB / GNU Octave learning repository
    (Ongoing 2020-2021)

    I currently learning MATLAB and GNU Octave to enhance my digital signal processing skill and expand my code experience outside of general purposed languages, like C and Python to more scientific purposed languages like MATLAB. I think that would be good to share my learning journey and get code samples along since it is rare around internet. Usually I update this repository every one or two weeks in the weekend.

    Github Repo for MATLAB/Octave Learning

  • Laboratorium Dasar Komputer Weekend-Crash-Course
    (Ongoing 2020-2021)

    In this Laboratory, we believe in continous learning and we support each other. Hence weekly we have a crash course (around 2 hours webinar per week) talking about technology stack and showcasing its implementation. I mainly share mathematics and machine learning materials such as predict Titanic's passenger survivability using linear regression and data analysis, and create binary classifier from spectogram using K-Nearest Neighbour algorithm.

    Github Repo for Weekend-Crash-Course Materials

  • Recover missing Colour information (one missing channel) from an RGB image without using Deep Learning Methods (ML only)
    (Ongoing 2020-2021)

    Using the power of machine learning, this repo tends to recover colour from greyscale image. Usually I will try neural network, but as i plot it, it shows towards a regression problem, polynomial to be precise. In my experience, the NN does not work pretty well with linear problem like this but since we need to figure out a lot of data, that worth a try. But if the result is not getting better (currently stuck in 12% acc), i will consider changeing to polynomial regression.

    Github Repo for RGB Recovery Challenge