I am Iga Narendra

IoT Enthusiast,Programming Tutor,Rookie Musician,Inventor,Student

*AND is my assistant code for laboratories that I work with.

Name: Iga Narendra Pramawijaya

Major: Telecommunication Engineering (Bachelor)

Subfield: Signal Processing

Institution: Telkom University


Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Licensed

Programming Education Expert
Python Programming Licensed
Robotic Process Automation Novice
C/C++ Programming Expert
Web Programming (HTML/CSS/PHP/SQL) Intermediate
Visual Storytelling (Photo/videography, scriptwritting, etc) Intermediate
Music (Producing, vocal, instruments) Intermediate
"Quarter-time Musician, Part-time Coder, Full-time Learner"

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Last Update: Apr. 2021
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About me

As a child, I always imaging myself as a science explorer. Floating in microgravity in ISS, roaming inside the deep sea under the thick ice of Artic with my submarine, making an emission-less car and its system, and many more! Those play-pretend filled my early childhood, it made me very keen to the development of science and technology in my teenage

My teenage fulfilled with science, technology and experiment. I was the chief of computer club in my junior high. Those experiences equip me with points of leadership and motivation. I leant how to make a robot, learnt how to make a scientific paper, learnt how to code and basics of computer science, and many more. It was so much fun! Then I joined some competitions on computer and research because I taught that was fun to compare and see how far your progress was, making me a competitive person.

Sometimes we won a computer competition, sometimes we lost also, that shaped me to be a person that focuses on the process and not overthinking the result. Just do your best and let God do the rest, they said. I gave myself a proof when in senior high. I was a grumpy person when accepting loses, but after I just focus on the process, I started to win various competitions.

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Notable (and only notable,) Awards and leadership positions during my student years